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What Ericsson wanted

1. Ericsson was looking for a corporate-wide system that could connect isolated idea management systems in different units across the organization. The purpose was to achieve collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas and to reduce the number of different and incompatible systems.

2. The use of the system should be able to grow “bottom-up” – building on local needs and motivation – and scale to reach all employees as well as externally to customers and partners. It should add value to a local unit from day one and work like a local system.

3. The system should be “self-organizing”, with very limited central administration, and build on the need for ideas (“pull” rather than “push”). With decentralized accountability, each innovation manager using the tool should be responsible for dynamically adding/removing idea boxes.

4. Idea management should be part of the ongoing internal collaboration initiative building on, and contributing to, a “web 2.0” culture of openness, sharing and learning e.g. ratings, comments, tracking of ideas. A transparent system would also support recognition of innovative employees.

5. Ericsson wanted to integrate idea management with existing internal IT platforms (SharePoint) with the purpose to simplify maintenance, user take up and support as well as to ensure that the idea database was kept on internal servers for security reasons.

The results Ericsson achieved

After 3 years of use, the collaborative idea management system (IdeaBoxes) has become the de facto tool for handling ideas internally across the organization. More than 300 innovation managers globally have opened idea boxes to attract ideas from all employees for their specific innovation efforts. The tool is also used for internal innovation competitions to stimulate idea generation in specific focus areas. The idea database has over 15000 ideas, 30000 comments and over 10000 active users (June 2011). Several hundreds of ideas, from incremental to disruptive, have been implemented at different levels within the organization covering new products and services as well as new processes and ways of working.

SILVERHANDEN is the distributor of the Ericsson Collaborative Idea Management System (ECIMS) and is offering implementation, training and support of the system.


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