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We help financiers with:

 Evaluation - Due Diligence

 Development of portfolio companies, business coaching

We help companies/organisations with:

 Innovation management

 Corporate Ventures

 Business development

 Interim management

We find, evaluate and develop sustainable business ideas from the seed to the flower with professional skills, broad experience, and proven methodologies. We are able to involve ourselves actively as managers, temporary CEOs or Executive Board members. And we can assist with mergers and spinoffs.

Regardless of where the mandate comes from, the innovator or the investor, we offer complete services in the following areas:


- Business planning

- Product development

- Competitive analysis

- Strategy development

- Product development and documentation

- Evaluation (companies and projects) investment prospectus


- Organization

- Financing

- Processes and structures

- Law


- Sale

- Product management

- Marketing

- Communication

and relationships

- Establish customer base

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