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Business in tomorrow’s world

Energy and Water

Genuine sustainability requires the efficient use of all of today’s energy sources. In the immediate future we’ll need to take advantage of renewables such as solar, wave and wind power and fuel cells amongst other innovations. And we’ll need to consider water as a resource. Genuine sustainability is not only about managing ecology but also very much about the viability of the economy. Tomorrow’s economy.


To achieve lasting sustainability we need to manage our limited resources with ecological and economic sense, and not allow the continual destruction of our precious world with water and air pollutions. Here in the Nordic and Baltic region we can only succeed through long-term cross-border cooperation.

Smart Grid

An increasing proportion of our economy is based on the Knowledge and Services industries. These sectors have developed, produced, delivered and sold with far greater efficiency through utilizing new technology and new structures. Technological developments in IT and Communications have already changed the world - yet we are still only standing on the threshold of new possibilities.

And naturally everything is connected. With more efficient and smart electricity grids, the next wave of innovators and entrepreneurs will be able to develop new services in a sustainable economy, where we can be more economical with our resources and consequently begin to rescue our priceless environment.

If you are working within advanced research and development in any of these fields we would love to hear from you.

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