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Fredrik Billing

 Active in Postnet Ltd, a development company within the Postal service Sweden (Posten AB), working with management on acquisition strategies in order to build a new platform of services for the digital economy.

 Developed Telia’s innovation and venture capital company Telia Business Innovation, from the outset. Included both the creation of Corporate Venture, a department for investment, innovation and incubator activities, and Corporate Innovation, which dealt with new products and services in the areas of IT and Telecoms.

 ​Advising in the construction and development of the Swedish Energy Agency's innovation and financial support activities (AFFU drive), as well as coaching management and developing templates and processes.

 ​Assisted Vattenfall’s headquarters with the preparation of financial valuation and control instruments for Vattenfall's research and innovation support in the energy sector.

 Initiated and operating in a number of incubators and innovation arenas in the IT, media and cleantech fields.

 In recent years active in venture capital financing and business coaching as well as participating in the establishment of several small entrepreneurial companies, including Zebor Technology.

 Currently advising a number of venture capital firms regarding selection and development of portfolio companies.

 Served as advisor to research institutions on how to encourage innovations.

 Held several directorships in research-based companies, including Botbox , Polytrust and Lokomo.

 Partner and co-owner of The Silver Hand, which assists leading companies through the Digital Innovation Platform to create innovations and new services internally, with partners, and with customers.

 MBA from Stockholm University and an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. Studied Creating New Businesses at the Chalmers Advanced Management Program, and Venture Management of the European Venture Capital Association (EVCA).

About us

Scientists say that although the human brain has not changed much in the last 10,000 years, we have nonetheless grown and developed by learning step by step, to collaborate across all kinds of frontiers and limitations. Although, in all honesty our ability to work together has not always created positive outcomes, to say the least.

Within a period of just over a decade, we have been confronted with a range of brand new tools that have allowed people all over the world to share information, to further utilize the power of thought and to take more responsibility for our precious planet. All of which raises the question: What should we and future generations use this amazing creative power for?

Innovations for sustainable, profitable growth

We want to use our knowledge and experience as well as new capital and new technology, to support talented entrepreneurs and their burning desire to create sustainable ideas with sound values ​​- ethically, morally, socially and environmentally.

We want to contribute to achieving and realizing sustainable ideas within the areas of energy, environment and Smart Grid technology.

We want to kick-start the dormant capital and untapped human capital, and highlight more attractive alternatives to short-term speculation and short- cuts.

But we also want to show that it pays to take a longer term perspective in terms of the growth of value and return. That one can compete successfully with old world business models by utilizing new innovations, whilst at the same time being humbled by the task and treating people with dignity.

Although we focus entirely on the Nordic region we do look actively for people in other parts of the world who share our ideas and our values.


A virtual organization

Deal Flower is involved in a variety of networks. We are only ever as involved as we need to be in each project. We work freely but responsibly across all organizational and geographical boundaries. We work together and can bring in additional expertise wherever necessary.

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